Eric Saade - Without You I'm Nothing

You gave me a reason to love you,
so I´m could never let you go.
Do you know why?
Because I´m gonna fight for you,
what ever it takes.
You are the one for me,
and have always been.
You are special,
You are different on a good way.
All my time with you are the best time in my life,
because I could be myself and
you let me been in your heart.
You loved me like who I am,
You respect me all the time for the person I were.
Everytime I were in your arms,
I felt how you looked at me.
Your eyes was so beautiful,
and your smile made me warm,
like you always have done
and you will always do that.
Like I have said before,
so can I not tell you how much I miss you
and wish that you were here with me,
not only in my thoughts...
You means more for me
than you can think you know.

A.A <3


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